Hi Sunny... I really don't think you thought this one through...

So I "never got you anywhere" with your website huh? Who do you think is responsibe for it even existing? Soooo sorry I didnt have time to develop you a custom site worth a couple thousand dollars (for free) on top of taking care of the domain and hosting for you.

You refuse to pay for the past 2 years of hosting and registration? Ok. I'll keep it. I'm sure I can think of something to do with it.

If you would like to settle up and pay for what you agreed... then and only then can you have any of it back.

By the way. "Friend price" is now off the table. You will be billed my standard rate and I will not cover the registration for free as I had intended.

Let me know what you decide.


p.s. All passwords have been changed so you cannot modify settings or the site... The site will remain as it now is until I decide on a different use for it or you pay your debt and take ownership. I will no longer host after this so you will need to speak to someone about getting new hosting arrangements as well as an account with a registrar I can transfer the site to.

You really should have just paid what you owed. Now I'm not gonna be nice about it. It officially expires on 11.20.2013 after which there will be an additional $15 charge from me if you wish to claim it. None of these prices reflect what your new host and registrar may charge you for the transfer or new hosting.